CASE seeks to break the cycle of crime and violence
in which young people live by equipping community members
to reorganise and respond appropriately to both the causes
and effects of crime and violence in their communities.
Community Action towards a Safer Environment
Community Development Programmes

Adults and youth who have participated in the
Training and Personal Development Programme are expected to become involved in the Community Development Programme.

Here the strategic objective of CASE is to break the cycle of violence by establishing community projects that enhance the human and social capital of people in Hanover Park.

Community Care and Counselling

CASE counsellors are all women from the community.  Counsellors are trained to offer emotional and psychological support to children, youth and parents in schools, in the community and at the local police station:

 Focused support groups:
 Women’s group
 Bereavement group
 Parent support group
 Youth at risk groups
 Teen girls sex and sexuality group
 Youth Support group

 Counsellors based at 12 schools & 1 police station
 Counselling in key community areas

 Care for Carers:
 Professional counselling is offered to individual community members when  needed.
 Care for Carers workshops are run for specific groups of people

 Reading groups for children and youth at schools

 Lifeskills taught in schools
 Workshops run in community to expose people to further lifeskills teaching

 Men's Project:
 Men’s Project looks at men’s issues and their impact on community, violence  and family breakdown.
 CASE believes that absent fathers and unhealthy male role models are key  causes of violence in communities.
 The Men’s training group meets weekly to workshop “Models of Manhood”.
 The Men’s Project includes camps: workshops, camps, hiking, arts and crafts  sessions and a support group.

 The Wellness Programme facilitates an holistic focus to maintaining the emotional well-being of “carers” in the community. Workshops and debriefings are held with police, educators, medical personnel and other key role-players for change.

 Physical Wellness:
 Physical fitness classes are run three days a week in collaboration with the  Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Healthy body = Healthy mind.


Youth-In-Action leaders also have specific projects which they implement and run in the community under the mentorship of a community member:

 Weekly after-school sports activities for children and youth

 Fun And Creative Experience (FACE) – a daily after-school programme for  children is run at four schools in Hanover Park. This stimulates leadership  through literacy based activities and creates a safe space for children who  would normally return to a parent-less home after school.

 Music, Art, Dance & Drama (M-A-D-D) run with children and youth
 Performances by M-A-D-D youth leaders

 Holiday Programme: At least 500 children reached per day through a  structured holiday club programme.
 Christmas Kids Party: No less than 300 children in this underprivileged  community are treated with gifts and a party to bring joy into their lives.
 CASE Kids Club: Each Friday afternoon, at least 50 children (3-14years)  experience a developmental recreational programme.


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